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Goodwill of Silicon Valley Logo

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Goodwill of Silicon Valley’s mission is to support our employees, our customers and people with challenging barriers to employment; to raise their standard of living and improve their lives through our services and social enterprise.

Through the power of work, Goodwill of Silicon Valley generates revenue and re-invests  into the community through programs that give people the tools to live independent lives. Most people think of Goodwill as a donation and retail operation, but it is so much more than that! It’s the homeless veteran who is given the opportunity to change his life. It’s the underemployed or unemployed with a lack of job skills who receive training and paid work experience. It’s the local and international markets that benefit from our products. It’s local companies that partner with us through our GoodSource services. It’s the 40 million pounds of goods that Goodwill diverts from the landfill annually. But most importantly, it’s the community members who receive services through our programs each year

Give Goodwill, live Goodwill.

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When:M-F 9AM-2PM, by appt. only
Address: 1080 North 7th St,San Jose,CA 95112
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