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What are the current known issues?

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Known Issues:

FedEx Shipping Issue - 2024.04.14

We are investigating reports of issues related to FedEx shipping. This is affecting the item page (Estimate Shipping) and the Checkout Process (Checkout Items)

5:17PM PT - UPDATE : Changes were made to reduce the problem, FedEx shipping should now be working on the item page and during checkout.

Frequent Questions

I cannot find Watchlist anymore?

Watchlist has been renamed "Favorites"

Warning Over 150 Items in Favorites but I do not see that many?

Favorites are now divided between Open and Closed items. Both Open and Closed items count towards the 150-item limit. Please check the Closed tab to remove older items to get below the 150-item limit.

Customer Service Tickets Missing

Be sure to check both the Open and Closed tabs to view all of your customer service tickets.

Last Updated: 04/14/2024 05:18 PM